Sell Access to a Google Sheet

an experiment by Better Sheets

OnlySheets - Sell Access to Any Google Sheet | Product Hunt

Sell Any Spreadsheet

Monetize your template, notes, curated research or datasets.

Why this, Why Now?

To sell access to a google sheet, now, you need to make it accessible to the WHOLE INTERNET.

This link can be shared with ANYONE.

OnlySheets directly adds the buyer as a viewer of the sheet.

Sell Any Level of Access

Sell Edit Access or View Access

Your Sheet, Your Choice.

Keep control of your sheet while you sell your sheet.

Simple to set up on Gumroad

Use Gumroad to create a product.Deploy OnlySheets as a web app to accept Gumroad Ping.Sell Access to a Google Sheet with Gumroad. Without setting your google sheet to "Everyone".

mo money, no code

1. Enter a Sheet URL you own.
2. Select access level you want to sell.
3. Setup Your Gumroad Product.

You're ready to make money.


Pay for the google script code and How-To-Use Videos.

Sell an unlimited amount of sheets.

Buy OnlySheets with Gumroad, Get Gumroad integration code.

Yes, OnlySheets powers OnlySheets

Not Happy?

Let me know within 30 days, I'll refund ya.


Check your email for a welcome message and link to the google sheet.

Watch this 30 second video while you wait.